2016 Music Line-up

The 4th annual Locavore Music Festival will take place once again at Cider Hill Farm, on July 30th with music starting at 2pm. Many of the bands taking the stage this year have new albums released in early 2016.

As mentioned, Muddy Ruckus will headline Locavore Music Festival this coming July. Winner of the 2016 New England Music Awards – Best in State of Maine, Muddy Ruckus’ latest album “Pretty Bones” will be released in June just before the Festival.

Returning to the stage this year is Trisha Mason from Ellsworth. Mason’s first performance at Locavore Festival was July 2014 and with her return, will be music from her latest album “RedSky”.

Max Garcia Conover joins the Festival for the first time, showcasing music from two full-length albums. Conover also releases weekly recordings through Patreon.

Also taking the stage on July 30th will be: the Marshall Marquis from Bath; Hours North from Wells; and, Tomorrow Morning from Thorndike.

Marshall Marquis and Hours North are both working on new albums and will showcase some as-of-yet unreleased material during the Festival.

Mark your calendars! Locavore Festival 2016 is the year of new releases!